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ANNA, Student

When I told my parents about your website, they were on the computer 25% of the day! I love your website! All I really wanted to say was thank you!

HARRY, Student

You tell us cool news!!

STELLA, Student

Thank you for all the amazing current events you told us. They were so exciting!! … It was so fun!! And … when you made us do math!! It was like learning when it was fun! You have the best stories ever! thank you!

CHRIS D, Teacher

I’m very happy to see that your site devotes itself to contemporary issues. You give a lot of depth, but make the complexity of this issue accessible. You strike just the right balance and
encourage your audience to think more deeply. That’s terrific.

MRS C, Teacher

What you bring to the kids is priceless and valuable. It is a great experience for them and gives them such insight into the bigger world.

John C., News Producer

Here There Everywhere is terrific. What an obvious work of love, by a talented and dedicated journalist-Mom.

Susie S., Parent

This is going to be amazing! I’m thrilled my children can be part of this informative and child friendly website! {YAY}

Jodi R., Parent

Simply brilliant…thank you! EXACTLY what this Mom of two young boys has been looking for!

Diane F.T., Parent

Congratulations on breaking the world record for jumping jacks done by kids in one day!!! It was wonderful that you not only had the idea & put it into motion, but then navigated right through to a new record. I’m sure it was exciting for the kids and it was a great first hand lesson in having an idea, doing the work involved, inspiring others to join in and ultimately breaking a world record. Well done!!!