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The Little Prince

April 24th, 2013

Photo credit, with permission from, and thanks to, Matej Peljhan.

A wonderful new set of photos tells the story of a 12-year old’s adventures, but not the kind you might expect. They’re about a boy named Luka with some big physical limits … but an even bigger imagination.

Luka, who lives in Slovenia, has muscular dystrophy — a disease that makes his muscles weaker and weaker over time. It’s mainly a genetic disease (which means runs in a person’s family). A good explanation for younger kids is at   Everybody’s Different, Nobody’s Perfect  on the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s website.

Luka isn’t able to do the every day activities most kids can, like skateboarding or playing basketball. In Luka’s case he can use his hands a little to draw, but he isn’t able to feed, bathe, or dress himself, according to an article on .

Photo credit with permission from, and thanks to, Matej Peljhan.

But Luka had been thinking about the adventures he wished he could have … and ways he could make them happen.

Photo credit with permission from, and thanks to, Matej Peljhan.

He talked about his ideas with his school’s psychologist, Matej Peljhan, who also happens to be an award-winning photographer … and who understands about physical disabilities. Mr. Peljhan lost his right arm and an eye in an accident as a child.

Photo credit with permission from, and thanks to, Matej Peljhan.

They came up with these photos, with Luka lying on a sheet posed in various fun activities.

Mr. Peljhan is calling the series  Le Petit Prince , or The Little Prince , after the famous children’s book . It’s about a boy with a different perspective than others who has some great adventures.

Mr. Peljhan explained , “Some time ago, during one of our conversations, [Luka] expressed his wish to see himself on a photo, walking around and doing all sorts of mischief. At first sight an almost unrealizable wish…. However, it can be done! One only has to change the perspective.”

HTE Kids’ news would like to thank  Matej Peljhan  for giving HTE permission to share his photos with you. 

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