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This & That … on Here There Everywhere

November 16th, 2011

Image courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center

This & That … on Here There Everywhere

November 16, 2011 — I’m doing something a little different today and posting a number of lighter (but still relevant) news stories that have a video or at least a visual component. They’re great.

Mosts of the them are underlined links that will take you to the original sites they were posted on. I’m not responsible for the content once you click away from here, but they were a big hit in the classrooms I speak to. To come back to HTE after viewing, please click on the back arrow (thanks!).

1. Angry Bird

Not the video game kind either. Rather, a Cape gannet coming in for a landing in South Africa. It won first place in the 2011 World Press Photo contest this year in the Nature category.  Click here to see this amazing photo. You might not believe it.

It was taken by Thomas P. Peschak who was trained as a marine biologist but felt he could have more impact helping the environment through his photography. He’s won numerous awards for his work.

Thanks to Jimmy, a young HTE reader, for alerting me to this photo after seeing it on the Guardian’s online photography site .

2. Aerial (& Ethereal) Earth From Above

Wow. NASA astronauts on the International Space Station took a combination of time lapse photos and video between August and October of this year. They were seemlessly edited together by Michael Konig. You can see Northern Lights, city lights, as well as lightning in this amazing video! Click here to see Earth as you’ve never seen it before . And click here for the breakdown of what parts of the world you are seeing as you fly over it (from the Gateway to Astronaut Photography over Earth’s site). The images are courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.

3. Nature’s Fireworks

An amazing sight of a continuously erupting volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Africa. It’s currently spewing lava an estimated 650 feet into the air from a chasm over a half a mile wide. Experts say it’s the Nyamulagira volcano’s biggest eruption in a century. Tourists are invited, and since it could continue like this for months, there’s even time for you to get there! Here’s the story on CBS News . Here’s the BBC’s version .

4. Poop Powered Bike

It would be hard to even make this up.  A leading Japanese toilet maker has invented … a poop-powered toilet bike. For now, it runs on processed livestock sewage to show an alternative and more environmentally friendly source of fuel than fossil fuels. Eventually, the idea is that it would be people-poop-powered.

Click here to see the videos:  Huffington Post’s humorous version . And here for Reuters.

5. I Thought She Sounded Familiar…

This great story, well, speaks for itself!

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