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VP Joe Biden Not Running

October 22nd, 2015

Vice President Joe Biden. Photo credit: Mark Nozell via Flickr/Creative Commons

For the past three months people have been wondering if Vice President Joe Biden would be running for president.

The wait seemed endless to many. It was on the news practically every night: “Will He Or Won’t He? And every day people were trying to read into every little thing he said and did to try to figure it out.

Television network CNN had a podium ready for him in case he decided at the last minute to participate in their Democratic debate last week. He did not.

And Mr. Biden was included in polls that measure how the candidates are doing … as if he were in the race. He was doing better than many of the candidates actually running!

It actually took him longer to decide than the entire recent Canadian election campaign (78 days).

Yesterday Mr. Biden finally made his decision … and announced that he will NOT be running for president.

Why did it take him so long and why isn’t he running?

Mr. Biden is a popular vice president and many believe he could have been elected the next president of the United States. He has run twice before, however, unsuccessfully. But it has been his lifelong dream to be president.

Running for president is grueling, not just for the candidates but for their families as well. We are still over a year away from actually voting for president and the campaigns have already been in high gear for a while.

Sadly, Mr. Biden’s 46-year old son, Beau, died of cancer just a few months ago and he is still grieving his loss. It was one of the biggest factors in his decision.

Before Beau Biden passed away, he reportedly encouraged his father to run for president, which likely made the decision even tougher.

Joe Biden said yesterday that the time it is taking him to grieve has cut short the time he would need to effectively run for president.

What does this mean for the other candidates?

Mr. Biden is with the Democratic Party. So is Hillary Clinton, who is currently the Democratic Party’s leading candidate. This definitely makes her ambitions to become the Democratic nominee a little easier.

Many believe Mr. Biden would have been a tough opponent for Democrats and Republicans alike.

He did, however, say he won’t be sitting on the sidelines quietly. He’ll be speaking up about what he believes in. And he may still end up being a bit of a thorn in the candidates’ sides … just not officially.

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