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White House Science Fair

May 28th, 2014

Photo credit: White House

President Obama hosted a science fair for students from all across the country at the White House yesterday.

“I LOVE this event,” he exclaimed. “This is one of my favorite things all year long.”

The president went on to say, “Last week, we had the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks here … but I believe what’s being done by these amazing young people that I’ve had a chance to meet is even more important … As a society we have to celebrate outstanding work by young people in science at least as much as we do Super Bowl winners. Because superstar biologists and engineers and rocket scientists and robot builders, they don’t always get the attention they deserve but they’re the ones who are going to transform our society.”

And many of the projects seemed like they may just do that.

There were over 100 students from 30 states represented.

There were students who designed an app to help a visually impaired student navigate school buildings.

One girl is developing added protection for football players to help prevent concussions … called a “concussion cushion”.

A 12-year old boy invented real-time retractable training wheels for kids learning to ride bikes.

A team of girls are building life-saving robots to help search for people or objects in water during a rescue.

And a 2nd grade girl scout troop who want to help bridges react to rising waters and help save people. At that age, President Obama said, he was only just learning how to put up his tent.

President Obama confessed that his own science fair projects as a kid weren’t nearly as strong and imaginative as what he saw yesterday. “My science fair projects were not as successful as the ones here. One year I accidentally killed some plants for part of my experiment. Another time a bunch of mice escaped in my grandmother’s apartment. These experiments did not take me straight to the White House. Instead, I now have a chance to see what real young scientists can do … and by the way there were no rodents loose in the White House.”

The focus this year was on the need for more girls in the fields of math and science.

He also announced several new initiatives and partnerships to help train some of best math and science students and teachers. “These are the fields of the future. This is where the good jobs are going to be,” the president said.

President Obama then quoted Franklin D. Roosevelt: “We can not always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

You can learn more about the students and their projects here .

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