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Win a Trip to the White House!

May 31st, 2012

Photo credit: Ad Meskens/Wikimedia Commons

Usually to get invited to the White House for a “state dinner”, you have to be a president, king or queen from another country. That could make it a little tough to get an invite, especially if you’re a kid. There is another way though … with a lot easier qualifications!

First Lady Michelle Obama is inviting all kids in the U.S. — between the ages of 8 – 12 — to come up with their very own original recipe for a healthy lunch . That’s it! No elections, no running a country, no being in charge of millions of people — phew.

First Lady Michelle Obama. Photo credit: Flickr user jramspott/Creative Commons

If she chooses your recipe, you’ll be heading to the White House for your very own “state dinner” which she’ll be hosting in August!  One child will be chosen from each state (and territories) — over 50 kids will win a trip!  She’s doing this through her Let’s Move program along with the United States Department of Agriculture and Epicurious (a food website).

Here are some of the guidelines (please make sure you read the rules carefully by clicking here. More rules, click here ):

— It has to be your own original recipe that you made up yourself.

— It should be nutritious … and delicious. Hint: they encourage you to follow the MyPlate nutritional guidelines .

— Be creative. You like stews, or wraps, or something no one’s even thought of yet? Go for it!

— Keep it affordable (make sure it doesn’t cost too much).

— The contest has already started and ends June 17th.

This is important: Parents and legal guardians are the only ones who can officially enter the contest for you.  And no personal information beyond what they ask for, please. Adults can click here  for some helpful information.

— Winners will be announced July 16th!

— Please submit your recipes directly to the contest, not through HTE/this site. HTE is only passing information along to you about this wonderful opportunity.

Good luck and Bon Appetit!

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3 Comments on “Win a Trip to the White House!”

  • Chinny says:

    I think this is a great idea to get kids involved in politics and activities to do with the First Lady and White House. Although, i am 13 and i live in the UK, this is very encouraging for many kids and thank you to HTE who are giving children a chance and spreading the word.

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