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Wonder Bird

November 1st, 2016

Common swift. Photo credit:

Scientists recently discovered that a particular bird, the common swift, routinely flies in the air for TEN months without ever landing!!

That’s basically from your first day of school this year to your last.

That’s a world record according to the lead scientist on this study , Professor Anders Hedenström at the Department of Biology in Lund, Sweden.

These birds eat in the air, collect materials for their nests in the air … and even sleep in the air.

How do we know? For the study, some of these swifts were outfitted with little backpacks that tracked their movements.

But there’s still more to find out. How do they sleep in the air? Is it when they’re gliding? How do they have enough energy to fly for that long?

As soon as the technology becomes small enough to study these birds in greater detail, we’ll be able to find out even more about these amazing creatures.

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13 Comments on “Wonder Bird”

  • Tracy Gevedon says:

    My daughter is doing a 2nd grade current events project where she has choose a current events article and answer some questions. One question is, who is the author of this article. Can you provide the name of the person who wrote this story?
    Thank you.

    • Claudia says:

      Hi, I hope I am not too late, I am just seeing this now. My apologies. I am the author of this and most other articles and I also run the site. My name is Claudia Heitler. I hope this helps and best of luck to your daughter on her project!

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