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World’s Biggest Dinosaur Discovered

May 20th, 2014

A paleontologist beside what's believed to be the biggest dinosaur femur ever found. Handout photo by Museo Paletontológico.

Remember the “chicken from hell” dinosaur from a few posts ago?  That may have seemed like a warm and fuzzy little puppy compared to what paleontologists just announced …

… the biggest dinosaur that ever lived! And it is HUGE!

It’s believed to be as tall as a 7-story building (nearly 70-feet tall/20 meters), about two semi-trailer trucks long (about 130-feet/40 meters). And it’s believed to have weighed about same 14 elephants piled on top of each other, possibly as much as 80 tons.

For now, they’re basing much of their estimate about its size on a huge and mostly complete thigh bone they found.

It’s believed to have been a herbivore (only ate plants) and had a very long neck, but you still would have looked like a LEGO mini figure standing next to it so we’re pretty thankful this dinosaur lived about 100 million years ago.

A farm worker in Southern Argentina originally discovered the dinosaur bones a few years ago. And paleontologists from the area have been excavating ever since, pleased at how much there is and how intact many of the bones are.

The previous world’s biggest dinosaur was also found in Argentina and is called Argentinosauras . This one doesn’t have an official name yet. And though it’s not officially the biggest dinosaur yet and there’s a lot of work left to do, many believe, based on what they’ve seen so far, this new dinosaur will surpass it.

The natural history museum sponsoring the dig in Argentina is confident saying that once they unearth more bones and reconstruct the dinosaur, it will be so big they’ll need a bigger building just to display it!

To learn more here are some links HTE used for this story from ABC News and The Washington Post.

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