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World’s Highest Bridge Opens!

January 5th, 2017

The world’s highest bridge. Photo credit: by Jon Fether, Jesus Catalan and Eric Sakowski

But would you dare cross it?

It’s 1,854 feet high (565 meters) and opened on December 29th. It’s the first bridge over 500 meters from the ground. That’s about as high as a 200-story building. Wow!

It’s called the Beipanjiang Bridge and it’s located over some particularly tricky rural landscape in southwest China where it connects two mountains with steep cliffs. Trips in this area that had taken five hours are now expected to take just two.

This region already has more high bridges than anywhere else in the world, according to . Prior to this bridge being the highest, the previous highest bridge was also in this area, as well as also having the world’s highest railway bridge.

But, it’s technically not the world’s “tallest” bridge. The difference is in how you measure it.

The “highest” bridge is measured from the deck of the bridge where the cars travel down to the ground. So, this one in China is the highest off the ground.

The “tallest” bridge, which is in France , is measured by the height of the entire structure, including the top of the bridge tower. It’s 1,125 feet (343 meters).

Below is a Chinese broadcast (in English) from the morning the bridge opened.

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