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Your Rainbow Loom Questions Answered!

November 26th, 2013

As we head into the Thanksgiving Day long weekend (and into the holiday gift giving season), we thought we’d leave you with something light and fun before the long weekend … the answers to 20 of your great questions for Rainbow Loom creator, Choon Ng.

Thank you to Mr. Choon for taking the time to answer them!

1. How/why did you decide to call it “Rainbow Loom”? Lois, age 7

Choon Ng : I thought that everyone likes rainbows and the bracelets we make are in rainbow colors. So it is a perfect name.

2. Hi, other than making bracelets, are there any other things you could do with the Rainbow Loom, like say, weave a quilt, but instead of using rubber bands, using “thread bands”? Thanks, Caroline

Choon Ng : Yes, you can make other jewelry and arts as well. This craft is like crochet that links rubber bands together.

3. With all the popularity what would you say how far you have come? Ryan

Choon Ng : We were not expecting that this product becomes so popular. We (our family) are very humbled by this experience.

4. Are you planning on making any changes to make the product better? Zoe

Choon Ng : Yes, I’m constantly making improvements to the product to make it better.

5. How long do you think the popularity of rainbow loom last ? Moira

Choon Ng : I hope it will last forever but I think it will starting to cool off after the Christmas holidays.

6. Are you going to make anything else similar? Trent// Are you going to invent something else? Cyndi Yeckel’s 5th period 6th grade class.

Choon Ng : Yes, I’m working on a new product that will be launched by the beginning of next year.

7. Are you the only one who thinks of the different designs for your bracelets, or do you have other people come up with them? Cyndi

Choon Ng : I used be the only one but my family, friends, and fans are coming up with new designs.

8. What is your personal favorite pattern and color of rainbow loom bracelets? Sophia

Choon Ng : My personal favorite is fishtail pattern. I like green and blue colors.

Rainbow Loom bracelets by Lois H. Photo credit: HTE Kids News

9. Since this was really YOUR idea (with the help of your daughters and permission from your wife), how can you make sure nobody else takes your idea and makes a “generic” loom or a “knock-off” one? Katie Jane

Choon Ng : I cannot make sure that no one else will steal my idea, but I will keep improving our products.

10. What made you think this would sell? Cyndi Yeckel’s 3rd period World Cultures class.

Choon Ng : The excitement from my daughters and their friends made me think that this would sell.

11. How many bracelets has he made himself and do you still make them? Cyndi Yeckel’s 6th grade World Culture’s class

Choon Ng : I made probably 1,000 bracelets already in the last three years.

12. Did you care about other competition? Do you have a Patent on this idea? Cyndi Yeckel’s 3rd period World Cultures class

Choon Ng : I hired an attorney to protect my patent but unfortunately it is not possible to stop people from copying.

13. If it wasn’t for your daughter would you have thought of Rainbow Looms? Cyndi Yeckel’s 3rd period World Cultures class

Choon Ng : Correct, if it wasn’t for my daughters, I would not have thought of Rainbow Looms.

Rainbow Loom inventor, Choon Ng (third from left) and his family. Photo credit: Choon Ng

14. How did you know this specific process would make a bracelet in the first place? Rohan, age 11/LitWorld

Choon Ng : This idea was discovered by accident when I tried to make small rubber band bracelets.

15. Can you make rainbow looms that glow in the dark or have flashers on them? Makayla, age 6, LitWorld

Choon Ng : Yes, we already have glow in the dark and glitters rubber bands.

16.  Hi I’m Faith I’m a friend of Katherine R. We both make rubber band bracelets. She has over 1,000 bands. Our favorite is double fishtail. We actually have a business. it’s called K&F’s jewly. We sell single and double fishtail, and looped.  How did you come up with the idea of rubber band braclets?  I love making them so please keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Choon Ng : All this started from playing with my daughters. I wanted to impress them with what I can make for them and I stumbled on this idea. I didn’t know this product can become so popular.


17.  What was your biggest discouragement in the development/marketing areas and how did you overcome it to your satisfaction? And thank you for creating something the whole family can do and learn/build skills from.  Jeffrey

Choon Ng : The most discouragement was not knowing if we can recover the investment we put in for the development of this product. I think constant improvement to the products is the key to overcoming challenges.  Thanks for asking.

18.  How did you come up with the different names for all the different patterns? Mark

Choon Ng : I came up with the original pattern map by joining the pegs with lines to form patterns like “triangle”, “square” and “rhombus”.

19. What do you hope to accomplish by selling Rainbow Looms? Cyndi Yeckel’s 3rd period World Cultures class

Choon Ng : My hope is keep providing fun and creativity thinking.

20. What inspired you to make rainbow looms, and where did you get this Idea from?  Thank you for taking the time to look at this, and I hope you answer. I love rainbow looms and they are a huge hit. Lucie

Choon Ng : What inspired me is the joy one has using Rainbow Loom. This idea was developed after watching my daughters make rubber band bracelets by hand.

21. From Claudia, Here There Everywhere — News for Kids Founder:   Did you in your wildest dreams think it would become this popular? 

Choon Ng : I didn’t, it is beyond my imagination. My family and I are very humbled by the popularity of this product.


Happy Thanksgiving from HTE!

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